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Maternity Photo Sessions Blog - FAQS and All the Tips & Tricks you Need to Know!

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

By: Amit Hernandez

  • COVID information.

FYI, I am vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine, Did my second shot on Feb 2021. I follow all the precautions, guidelines, and recommendations of the Israeli Ministry of Health. If needed also maintaining distance and wearing a mask in an outdoor session.

  • Where are you located, Do you have a studio?

Yes, i have a studio in Hod hasharon and you are warmly invited but so you know, one of my benefits is that i can come over to you so you don’t need to worry about the hassle of driving, finding parking etc.

Plus, I get to photograph you in the beauty & comfort of your own home.

  • What about doing a maternity shoot at the beach, in a field or in a forest?

Of course! I am happy to suggest suitable outdoor locations for shooting.

I can also arrange a combined photo shoot, where we will take photos both at home and outdoors.

  • What is the best week to do a maternity shoot?

I recommend photographing your bump between week 25 to week 38.

In my experience it is best to not wait until you feel overly heavy and tired.

  • When is the best time of the day to make an indoor & outdoor session?

For and indoor session it can be anytime, for outdoors I recommend the afternoon, that way we can take advantage of the amazing Israeli light and sunset.

  • How will I receive my photos?

You will receive full-size files sent straight to your email.

  • How soon will you send us the pictures?

You will receive highlights on the same day as the session and you will receive all the photos within 3 working days.

  • If I lose the photos, how can I get them?

I store your photos for 12 months from the date of the session in my cloud. In addition to sending the photos via email, I also make a copy to my hard drive for extra security.

  • We have other children and we want them to be included in the shoot. Is it possible?

Certainly and I highly recommend it! I am happy to work around your children’s nap and feeding schedule so that we can make sure to include siblings in this special time.

  • Should my partner join the maternity photos?

For sure! the session is an amazing souvenir of your pregnancy and your journey together as a couple.

  • What about bringing our pet to the maternity session?

Obviously! Pets are part of the family and are always super photogenic so they can only add charm to the session.

  • What clothes are best for pregnancy photos?

The best outfit is the one that you are most comfortable in. Most prefer tight dresses that show the curves and even just lingerie.

You can browse my site for inspiration, You are also welcome to borrow from the studio wardrobe.

  • I have no ideas for what we can do in the session, can you recommend me options of what we can do? I want a session that is suitable for me.

Well, every woman sees her self different during the pregnancy so it can be sometimes tricky for me to suggest ideas. So, I recommend you to first go over my website and my Motherhood Instagram to get ideas and inspiration. Once you find something you like we can start seeing more options in that direction, but please feel free to tell me of what you love more and less.

  • I'm nervous about posing or knowing what to do with my hands. Can you help?

I will be there the whole time to demonstrate poses and to help & guide you.

And I will also make sure to pose you in a way that flatters your figure and accentuates your curves.

  • Can you hide stretch marks, pigmentation and scars in Photoshop?

Yes, I have no problem editing out anything you don’t want to show up.

Before the session we will talk about all of these little details.

  • What kind of makeup is the best for a maternity session?

I recommend you to apply makeup very gently to let your natural beauty shine through.

  • Will my photos appear on your site?

Only with your express permission, You have full rights to your photos.

  • What about birth photography in the delivery room?

Yes, I occasionally photograph births in delivery rooms and also in private homes. This can be arranged as part of my maternity photo package.

  • I'm also interested in newborn photography, Do you also offer newborn sessions?

Yes, The session takes generally about 2 hours and it is best done on the first two weeks and up to a month from the day the baby is born. BTW, If you book a maternity shoot and a newborn shoot, the newborn shoot will be done at a 50% discount.

  • TIPS:

1- The best is to sleep well the night before the session. 2- Pack all the clothing that you will use in the session, In the morning when you wake up you can wear already the first thing that you will use for the session. 3- Eat a light breakfast + something sweet to give you a boost of energy.

4- In case you are interested in boudoir or Lingerie session make they are not super tight.

The price for the maternity session starts from 900 NIS and includes:

  • A photoshoot of up to 3 hours in the comfort of your own home or studio.

  • A link to download all the pictures, one folder in color and second in B&W.

  • Around 100 images, all edited in Lightroom.

  • All the pictures are in high quality so you can make prints in all sizes.

  • I do not add any stamps, watermarks, or logos to my photos.

  • A short video teaser from the maternity session (if interested you can ask)

  • 50% discount for newborn photography if you book both sessions together

Extras you may want to add to your pregnancy session:

  • Extra 2 hours session, in case you want to make a Home + Outdoor session.

  • Album

  • DVD / USB flash drive

  • Prints on canvas

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